Colne Valley Golf Club Essex

Seniors Annual Team Challenge

Tuesday 22nd September 2015, Yellow Tees, Colne Valley

Team Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5 Player 6 Player 7 Player 8 Best 6 Position
Warren 36 27 36 25 34 34 33 32 205 1
Colne Valley 24 28 28 30 28 38 36 34 194 2
Benton Hall 30 32 32 26 27 21 35 33 189 3
Channels 33 24 34 30 25 33 25 33 188 4
Brett Vale 27 36 35 0 25 31 21 29 183 5
Stoke By Nayland 30 29 40 20 25 27 30 25 181 6
Colchester 26 28 28 33 23 34 31 21 180 7
Theydon Bois 26 24 26 30 30 37 25 30 179 8
Ballards Gore 22 23 29 36 30 21 31 29 178 9
Braintree 27 33 33 26 0 30 28 19 177 10
Clacton 28 35 27 26 16 24 33 27 176 11
Rayleigh 27 33 17 30 32 26 20 12 168 12

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Results PointsCSS 71 (Visitors 71)
1st Tony Carman(17) Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club40
2nd John Thomson(18)38
3rd Steve Muller(10) Theydon Bois Golf Club37
4th Alan Beattie(15)36
5th Ian Buttress(17) Warren Golf Club (Essex)36
6th David Caton(19) Ballards Gore Golf Club36
7th Roy Pledger(12) Warren Golf Club (Essex)36
8th Brig Archer(16) Brett Vale Golf Club36
9th Stuart MacKenzie(13) Benton Hall Golf & Country Club35
10th Barry Dayman(21) Brett Vale Golf Club35
11th Alfie Smith(17) Clacton-on-Sea Golf Club35
12th Mike Hart(19) Colchester Golf Club34
13th Stephen Wren(12) Warren Golf Club (Essex)34
14th Mike Steen(14) Braintree Golf Club34
15th Gary Simmons(6) Warren Golf Club (Essex)34
16th Barry Haley(11) Colchester Golf Club33
17th Michael Bedwell(14) Warren Golf Club (Essex)33
18th Ray Fage(12) Clacton-on-Sea Golf Club33
19th Richard Hickman(14) Gosfield Lakes Golf Club33
20th John Gisby(13) Braintree Golf Club33
21st Richard Shail(14) Benton Hall Golf & Country Club33
22nd Terry Barke(12) Braintree Golf Club33
23rd Bob Adams(20) Lords Golf & Country Club (Rayleigh)33
24th John Wheelhouse(23) Braintree Golf Club33
25th Kevin Sillett(13) Braintree Golf Club33
26th Keith Nice(18)33
27th Andy Sadler(16) Burstead (The) Golf Club32
28th Trevor Wilson(18) Warren Golf Club (Essex)32
29th Jeff Riley(19) Burstead (The) Golf Club32
30th Deb Outar(15) Brett Vale Golf Club31
31st Peter Blowers(27)31
32nd Kevin Prince(12) Colchester Golf Club31
33rd Gregory Seymour(13) Ballards Gore Golf Club31
34th Craig Fletcher(13) The Essex Golf & Country Club30
35th Dave South(14) Lords Golf & Country Club (Rayleigh)30
36th Hugh Cullen(17) 30
37th Bob Filer(11) Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club30
38th Terry Morgan(19) Lords Golf & Country Club (Rayleigh)30
39th John Turnbull(13) Theydon Bois Golf Club30
40th Ian Carter(10) Theydon Bois Golf Club30
41st Bryan Powell(12) Benton Hall Golf & Country Club30
42nd Paul Vale(15) Braintree Golf Club30
43rd Duncan Johnson(18) Ballards Gore Golf Club30
44th Roger Fleuty(12) Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club30
45th Mark Milner(16) Brett Vale Golf Club29
46th Brian Castle(18) Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club29
47th Lew Monkton(21) Ballards Gore Golf Club29
48th Tony Stallard(18) Ballards Gore Golf Club29
49th Bernard Hart(15) Colchester Golf Club28
50th Michael Hoines(21)28
51st Andrew Little(12) Braintree Golf Club28
52nd Simon Rippingale(12) Colchester Golf Club28
53rd Gordon Finch(16)28
54th Dickie Bird(23)28
55th Peter Cross(16) Clacton-on-Sea Golf Club28
56th Robert Seggie(12) Clacton-on-Sea Golf Club27
57th Brian Day(15) Braintree Golf Club27
58th John O'Connell(10) Lords Golf & Country Club (Rayleigh)27
59th John Smith(8) Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club27
60th John Wilson(15) Clacton-on-Sea Golf Club27
61st Colin McRae(17) Benton Hall Golf & Country Club27
62nd Keith Ribbans(16) Brett Vale Golf Club27
63rd Andrew Penny(20) Warren Golf Club (Essex)27
64th Trevor Long(14) Braintree Golf Club26
65th Bob Carroll(15) Lords Golf & Country Club (Rayleigh)26
66th Maurice Anderson(10) Theydon Bois Golf Club26
67th Michael Horley(14) Colchester Golf Club26
68th David Gilbert(4) Clacton-on-Sea Golf Club26
69th Mark Thomson(7) Benton Hall Golf & Country Club26
70th Richard Turner(16) Theydon Bois Golf Club26
71st Geoffrey Bennett(14) 25
72nd Terry Mitchell(18) Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club25
73rd Charles Gauton(24) Warren Golf Club (Essex)25
74th Dave Austin(10) Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club25
75th Roger Penn(10) Theydon Bois Golf Club25
76th Paul Cooper(12) 25
77th Peter Orrin(20) Brett Vale Golf Club25
78th David Holden(14) Clacton-on-Sea Golf Club24
79th Bernard Adams(14)24
80th B Dunbar(13) Braintree Golf Club24
81st Richard Newson(13) Theydon Bois Golf Club23
82nd Geoffrey Clarke(19) Ballards Gore Golf Club23
83rd Graham Caughey(18) Colchester Golf Club23
84th John Shea(13) Ballards Gore Golf Club22
85th Roy Darby(14) Colchester Golf Club21
86th John Shoob(18) Benton Hall Golf & Country Club21
87th Neville Fox(15) Ballards Gore Golf Club21
88th R Elbourne(24) Brett Vale Golf Club21
89th Lionel Hatch(16) Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club20
90th Trevor Crouch(17) Lords Golf & Country Club (Rayleigh)20
91st Anthony Mayo(18) Braintree Golf Club19
92nd Laurie Farrugia(13) Clacton-on-Sea Golf Club16
93rd Brian Martin(24) Lords Golf & Country Club (Rayleigh)16
94th Barry Catling(24) Lords Golf & Country Club (Rayleigh)12
DQ Jonathon Dewey(13) Brett Vale Golf ClubDQ breach of rule 6.6b
DQ John Snow(13) Braintree Golf ClubDQ PENALTY FOR BREACH OF RULE 6-6b

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