Colne Valley Golf Club Essex

Seniors Annual Team Challenge

Tuesday 20th September 2016, Yellow Tees, Colne Valley

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Results PointsCSS 70 (Visitors 70)
1stTony Carman(14) Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club 40
2ndBrain Arscott(22) The Essex Golf & Country Club 39
3rdAlec Alden(12) Colchester Golf Club 38
4thMalcolm Nelson(18) Warren Golf Club (Essex) 37
5thNorris Silk(12) 37
6thStephen Wren(12) Warren Golf Club (Essex) 36
7thKeith Otter(12) Braintree Golf Club 36
8thColin Bore(14) Channels Golf Club 35
9thCraig Fletcher(15) The Essex Golf & Country Club 35
10thDes McEvoy(11) Hanover Golf Club (Now Lords Golf & Country Club (Rayleigh) 35
11thPeter Eveling(13) Braintree Golf Club 35
12thBernie Gaught(15) 35
13thRoger Fleuty(13) Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club 35
14thKevin Sillett(10) Braintree Golf Club 35
15thDuncan Johnson(20) Ballards Gore Golf Club 35
16thSteve Lusher(9) 34
17thTom Rothery(9) Colchester Golf Club 34
18thMichael Hoines(20) 34
19thGeorge Shelmerdine(14) Colchester Golf Club 34
20thLes Daughtrey(16) Colchester Golf Club 34
21stGary Lewis(19) Gosfield Lakes Golf Club 34
22ndTrevor Samways(10) Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club 34
23rdMike Saffil(21)  34
24thIan Dunbar(18) The Essex Golf & Country Club 34
25thPeter Blowers(26) 34
26thColin Cooper(14) Gosfield Lakes Golf Club 34
27thBob Filer(12) Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club 34
28thMicheal Burke(20) Gosfield Lakes Golf Club 34
29thTony Stallard(17) Ballards Gore Golf Club 33
30thDave Humberstone(13) Colchester Golf Club 33
31stRoy Milton(17) Gosfield Lakes Golf Club 33
32ndRichard Middleton(18) Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club 33
33rdDerek Boon(18) Gosfield Lakes Golf Club 33
34thJohn Manser(13) The Essex Golf & Country Club 32
35thKeith Lawless(10) Braintree Golf Club 32
36thGeoffrey Clarke(20) Ballards Gore Golf Club 32
37thRon Thayre(16) The Essex Golf & Country Club 32
38thSamuel Smith(15) Gosfield Lakes Golf Club 31
39thMichael Bedwell(15) Warren Golf Club (Essex) 31
40thMalachy Shields(15) Gosfield Lakes Golf Club 31
41stMichael Horley(15) Colchester Golf Club 31
42ndSteve Lythell(10) Braintree Golf Club 31
43rdTrevor Long(14) Braintree Golf Club 31
44thTony Etherington(20) 31
45thPhil Roberts(8) Chelmsford Golf Club 31
46thAndy Jefferson(9) Ballards Gore Golf Club 30
47thPhil Johnstone(13) Lords Golf & Country Club (Rayleigh) 30
48thMichael Johnston(10) Warren Golf Club (Essex) 30
49thAllan Rounce(26) Hanover Golf Club (Now Lords Golf & Country Club (Rayleigh) 30
50thPeter Hayward(19) Ballards Gore Golf Club 30
51stLionel Hatch(17) Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club 30
52ndBernard Hart(16) Colchester Golf Club 30
53rdJohn Wheelhouse(23) Braintree Golf Club 30
54thTrevor Wilson(17) Warren Golf Club (Essex) 30
55thJohn Thomson(18) 29
56thBill Attwood(14) The Essex Golf & Country Club 29
57thSteve Chalk(14) Warren Golf Club (Essex) 29
58thAlan Woodward(8) Hanover Golf Club (Now Lords Golf & Country Club (Rayleigh) 28
59thDave Williment(19) Hanover Golf Club (Now Lords Golf & Country Club (Rayleigh) 28
60thSteve Tree(21) Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club 28
61stPatrick Rickard(18) Ballards Gore Golf Club 28
62ndPeter Brockbank(12) Warren Golf Club (Essex) 28
63rdBrian Martin(28) Lords Golf & Country Club (Rayleigh) 28
64thMichael Collard(22) Elsenham Golf Centre 28
65thGreg Seymore(13) Ballards Gore Golf Club 27
66thDickie Bird(23) 27
67thRay Mabbutt(20) The Essex Golf & Country Club 27
68thBrian Chase(12) Braintree Golf Club 27
69thThomas Jennings(18) Ballards Gore Golf Club 27
70thJohn Wicks(20) Warren Golf Club (Essex) 27
71stJohn O'Connell(10) Lords Golf & Country Club (Rayleigh) 26
72ndBob Stewart(12) Gosfield Lakes Golf Club 26
73rdJohn Still(21) Braintree Golf Club 25
74thDave Austin(11) Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club 25
75thBob Carroll(16) Lords Golf & Country Club (Rayleigh) 25
76thPaul Vale(14) Braintree Golf Club 24
77thJohn Tuffen(24) The Essex Golf & Country Club 24
78thBarry Prockter(21) Warren Golf Club (Essex) 20
79thMichael Manning(24) The Essex Golf & Country Club 18

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